I’ve spent years working in a combination of education and business settings.  But my heart has always been oriented towards working in a faith-based environment.  That dream has come to fruition with the formation of R.E.N.E.W.  It is my goal to work with organizations who have or desire to have a faith-based culture with the sole purpose of  helping each member of their group to develop a personal passion and zest for everything they do.

Reaching one’s highest personal potential, “Self-Actualization” as Abraham Maslow called it, is every person’s ultimate calling.  It my goal, and the goal of R.E.N.E.W.,  to help every person who seeks to walk the path of understanding and achieving his or her purpose and then discovering hot to live a life of purpose.

Each person has a path to achieve their highest calling, their “Self-Actualized” state.  What’s yours?  It’s my goal, to help you discover who you really are, why you’re here and how to live a life of happiness, and abundance.