Have you ever had something happen that propels you in a special direction? Once the direction is taken,are you amazed at the outcome? You find yourself saying that it was  serendipitous the way everything fell into place. You are  amazed at the coincidences that occurred.  Well,  that is a God-noodge.

The dictionary definition of noodge is: To push against gently, especially in order to gain attention or give a signal.   I vividly remember a God-noodge I had many years ago.  I was asked to be on a search committee at First Christian Church of Birmingham to help the church find a new Director of Christian Education.  The committee worked at it for several weeks, perhaps even months.  We found three possible candidates and picked our first choice to offer a position.  (During the search I remember thinking that I would love to do the job myself and felt I would be very good at it. Because of my position on the committee I never said anything because I didn’t feel it would be appropriate).

We made the offer to our first candidate and she declined.  We made the offer to the second candidate, and she accepted and then sent her regrets.  We went to the third candidate and she and her husband just found out that they were being transferred.  God kept noodging me throughout all of this.  Finally, I asked to speak privately to the senior pastor and told him that I would like to be considered only if he thought I would be a good candidate.  If so,  the committee would have to give its approval and if not, that would be fine also.

To make a long story short, everyone was in favor and rather excited about the possibility.  I look back on that event now, and I know, that God wanted me there for several reasons.  The most important of which, was that the  position forced me to read the Bible continually.  I learned to love the Bible like I had never experienced before.  That experience — God-noodge — helped me grow in my faith and truly understand how awesome God is.  I know God gives us noodges all the time.  We just have to listen.

Share your God-noodge with the “Magic in You” community. Someone out there in our community needs to hear about God’s awesomeness. Perhaps your story will help noodge someone else.